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Self-Care & Self-Love Is The Key To Health & Happiness.

What is Self-Love and Self-Care?

Self-Care is what people do to establish and maintain their health to avoid and prevent illness.  This includes general and personal hygiene, nutrition, lifestyle, environmental factors, socio-economic factors and self-medication.  Self-Love is having a high regard for your own happiness and well-being.  Taking the time out for yourself to fulfil your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others.

Why Is Self-Care So Important?

They say taking care of yourself is "vital to your mental and physical well-being", this statement is very much true.  Have you ever worked so hard, that your body has crashed from over-exhaustion? This can be the result of overworking yourself, without giving your body the proper care and love needed to keep going.  If you aren't taking care of yourself in the right way, it can affect you not only physically, but mentally too.

Taking Care of You

Remember, you are important.  No matter how busy you may be, you have to find time for yourself.  Everyone needs and deserves to have a break and give their body time to recover and heal.  You do not want to run yourself into the ground, as this could result in having a negative affect on your health.  In order for you to give 100%, you need to feel 100%.  Take a break! 

Self-Care Is Self-Love

Many people experience mental and physical breakdowns due to a lack of Self-Care.  Loving yourself starts with taking care of yourself in all forms and leads to better physical and mental health.  The moment you start taking care of yourself, you are showing yourself self-love.

How Do I Start This Journey?

Starting your Self-Care and Self-Love journey can start small and gradually increase.  What do you enjoy doing? It may be going for walks, reading a book, taking a trip or maybe just simply relaxing, having a long bath and putting your feet up.  What do you enjoy doing that takes you away from your everyday life stresses and problems.  Ensure you are doing things that you personally enjoy and make you feel great!  Everyone needs time to clear their mind, reboot and become a better version of themselves.  Have a pamper day, or even maybe a pamper weekend at the spa.  Spa's aren't the only way to ensure you can give yourself a good pampering.  Home pampering is just as beneficial, if not more beneficial as you can pamper yourself from home more frequently.  At least making sure once or twice a week you are focusing on taking that time out for yourself to do what you enjoy.

Self-Care & Self Love Is The Key To Happiness

Once you start taking time out for yourself, you will start to see the difference in your mood and health.  You will start to feel happier, at ease, less stressed and more focused.  Taking care of your needs will allow you to deliver a better version of yourself.  Your mental and physical health will start to improve as you give your body well-deserved rest.  Giving yourself a break mentally reduces your chances of a mental breakdown.

Start or continue your Self-Love and Self-Care journey by taking some time out for you and using our products to help you relax.  If your feeling social, tag us on our Instagram and Facebook accounts of you using our products to help unwind and pamper yourself.

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