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5 Simple Ways To Practise Self-Care.

Self-Care is so important as it encourages you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself, enabling you to transmit good feelings to others.  Here are 5 Simple Ways to Practise Self-Care:

1. Live Healthy 

It is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and introduce habits that help you to improve your health.  Improving your heath is one of the best ways you can show yourself self-care, knowing that you are feeding your body healthy food that makes you feel great and energised.  You will notice that when you eat clean, you feel much better within yourself.  Your skin will start to glow differently, you will become more energised and your mood will improve.  It is vital that you include fruits and vegetables into your daily diet and try to restrict the amount of junk food you are eating.  Improving your eating habits isn't the only way to live healthy, incorporating daily or weekly exercise is also fantastic.  Working out is so important to your health as it can help reduce the risk of diseases.  Exercise helps keep your bones supple and has many long-term benefits, overall improving the quality of your life.  Exercise doesn't only help you physically, but can help you mentally too.  Working out doesn't need to be strenuous; you can go for walks, go for a bike ride, skip, or maybe even pick up a sport to help you keep active.  Eating healthy and exercising together will make you notice a big difference within the way you feel about yourself.  This form of self-care is amazing, as your body is your temple and you need to take care of it in order for it to function properly.  Making these changes to your lifestyle shows that you care about your health and well-being.  I understand it can be hard to take the step to a healthier lifestyle, but taking it one day at a time with small changes, is better then no changes at all.  Your health should be your number one priority as without it, you have nothing.

2. Practise Good Hygiene

Taking care of your personal hygiene is a great way to practice self-care.  Good personal hygiene is ensuring you have a bath or shower everyday, washing your hair often, cleaning your teeth at least once a day, changing into clean clothes, and making sure you wash your hands.  The human body can provide places for disease-causing germs and parasites to grow and multiply.  Washing your body helps keep it free from disease-causing germs and cleaning your teeth helps keep your gums healthy.  Practising good-hygiene is an important factor of self-care because it helps you think clearer, minimises your risk of infection and builds better self-awareness, therefore enhancing your overall health.  

3. Take Time Off & Do Something You Enjoy

Why not doing something for yourself for once! Take a day or some time out your day to do something you enjoy.  This may be going for a picnic, going to a museum, going out for a drink with friends or maybe even going to the movies.  Doing what you enjoy brings happiness and this is crucial to your mental well-being.  Remember to take that dedicated time out to have some fun, but also remember, some days the most productive thing you can do is to be unproductive.  Rest your body and mind for the importance of your mental health, this means unplugging from everything and everyone.  Why not read, watch a funny movie or have a lazy day! Remember to make sure you are also getting enough sleep.  It is key that you get at least 8 hours sleep a night to be able to perform your best throughout your day.

4. Self-Help Books & Positive Self-Talk

Self-Help books are an amazing way to help improve your overall thinking.  It can help you to practise strategies that will guide you to make improvements in your life.  Anything you can do to feed your mind with knowledge and information that can enhance your thinking and bring positive thoughts, is a form of self-care.  It's good to apply changes to your life that can help you evolve and grow.  Positive self-talk is a very powerful tool for increasing your self-confidence.  You practise self-care by speaking positivity into your life, having positive thoughts and saying daily affirmations.  Positive self-talk has been known to make people more motivated, confident and productive.  Repeat this, "I am capable of giving myself the self-care I deserve".  Don't forget, anything is possible if you believe and apply the correct changes to your life. 

5. Stress Less and Meditate


Meditation has been known to completely clear your mind and help you to get more focused.  Mediation is great for relaxing your mind and making you see your thoughts more clearly.  We as humans are always going at 100mph and mediation will help you to stop, focus, clear your thoughts, arrange your thoughts and get them in order.  It isn't good if you are stressed and overwhelmed as this can have a negative effect on your health.  Stressing less is pivotal for your self-care.  Mediation can give you a new perspective on stressful situations and help you to build skills to manage your stress.  Incorporate meditation into your daily or weekly routine to help reduce negative emotions, increase your self-awareness and help you focus on the present.

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